The boys are left alone for episode 009 and things get heavy! Having his wisdom tooth
pulled earlier in the day, Maxsacre is hopped up on prescription Vicodin making things a
little crazier than usual.

After the normal introductions from our host and co-hosts, the bloodied butchers of The
Cutting Room have a great discussion about exploitation favorites Larry Clarke, Harmony
Korine & Werner Herzog before they even get started, once again assuring our listeners
that the conversations can and will go anywhere!

TomaHawk is first up with an introduction to Todd Browning’s FREAKS from 1932. Max
gets a bit emotional and Mummy & Grim give you some great history behind this beautiful

Maxsacre gasses up the chainsaw for one of the most insane introductions to any movie
we have reviewed here: SCREAM, BLACULA, SCREAM. The review moves into a
personal and somewhat deep discussion about race and culture here in the old USA!

Next, we move across the globe to the great country of Japan as our shop sushi chef
Billy Grim gives us another stellar intro for Takashi Miike’s 2001 cult classic ICHI THE
KILLER. Billy gives us a great lesson on Miike’s career as well.

Finally, Joe Mummy unwraps himself and reviews the new dvd release of HOBO WITH A
SHOTGUN and brings the show full circle.

Have fun folks! The cutting Room delivers some powerful stuff once again!


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