Welcome to Episode 007 of The Cutting Room!

Our special guest this week is Jeff Schroeck, the front man of the New Jersey Indie Punk
phenomenon Black Wine.

In addition to weighing in with his thoughts about professional wrestling, Jeff gives us
some insight into his music before helping us review Tomahawk’s new release pick
APOLLO 18. Jeff also sticks around for an incredible journey through the brilliant mind of
David Cronenberg:

The Evil Reverend starts the sermon off with a review of THE DEAD ZONE (1983) and
Mummy finishes up with his take on the 1986 classic THE FLY.

This week also marks the debut of the newest Cutting Room host, the inimitable Max
“The Chainsaw Maxsacre” Koch. The Maxsacre comes out slashing with a hilarious
channeling of our fearless leader, Tomahawk.

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