Billy Grim and Joe Mummy got together to record their votes for Terror Troop’s latest poll
and what was intended to be a simple thirty second audio vote turned into a fifty minute
dissertation that starts with a review of JAWS then winds its way around to David Lynch,
Hitchcock, Ingmar Bergman, existentialist subtexts in Hollywood blockbusters, the morality
of manipulative cinema, and god knows what. Boy, can these two yammer like a couple of
yentas at a sewing circle.

Anyway, we had it on tape and thought the discussion may be of interest to you guys as
a supplement to the forthcoming Terror Troop episode, so we’re letting it loose, come
what may. We hope you enjoy it.

We’ll be back with a great regularly scheduled episode on Thursday with special guest
Jeff Shroeck, the guitarist and singer of the meteoric punk band Black Wine. The show
also marks the debut of the inimitable Max ‘The Maxsacre’ Koch and we have a fantastic
talk about APOLLO 18, the career of David Cronenberg (starting with reviews of THE
DEAD ZONE and THE FLY), and professional wrestling.

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