Welcome back fans of The Cutting Room. Our very special guest this week is the star of
the indie comedy executive produced by Abel Ferrara, HAPPY LIFE… Actor, writer,
rapper and comedian Mr. Tom McCaffrey!

The show kicks off with McCaffrey bringing his rapper persona TMC to the slicing table
as he performs “Scarface Is Overrated”! A little hip-hop before we get to the chop shop!

We continue with the usual intros of all the CUTTING ROOM knife handlers and we move
right into a spectacular interview with our special guest as he talks about his acting,
rapping and life as a stand-up! Tom also indulges us with his passion for horror!

Joe Mummy comes to life with a review of the new dvd release of TAKE SHELTER
starring Michael Shannon. Everyone carves their opinions into this intense film that
pushes the boundaries of the horror genre.

The classic review theme is Abel Ferrara horror films. We take a journey into the mind of
the premiere east coast guerrilla movie maker.

TomaHawk kicks things off with his scalping of the 1979 classic THE DRILLER KILLER
that combines punk with horror on the seedy streets of 1970′s New York City! The Evil
Reverend Billy Grim throws his unholy water all over 1995′s THE ADDICTION, continuing
to demonstrate that he is one of the best reviewers on this network!

Sharpen your blades people because THE CUTTING ROOM is back and we end the
program with a very special announcement concerning the addition of a brand new
butcher starting on Episode 006: By popular demand, the inimitable Max Koch, who will
be known hereafter as MAXSACRE!!

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