Our special guest for this episode is the very talented Mr. Max Koch, co-FU PANDA:

Max is gonna help the boys carve a little fun into the show as we review two films based
on real life serial killers. Lock your doors, avoid strangers and do not help anyone
wearing a cast on his arm that may need help moving his sailboat!!!

The show begins with a little visit from a self “made” man who plugs his slasher flick
CLEAVER. Then following the usual introductions of the three regular CUTTING ROOM
butchers, Tomahawk slices and dices his way through an awesome interview with Max.

The Evil Reverend Billy Grim soon delivers an unholy sermon on the re-release of the
1981 arthouse horror flick POSSESION. During which, Joe mentions his favorite Jim
Carey movie!!!

This brings the Mummy to life for a spirited intro of DAHMER., a 2002 biopic starring
Jeremy Renner. What ensues is a classic conversation you do not wanna miss. Next the
TomaHawk hops into TED BUNDY directed by Matthew (FREEWAY 1 & 2) Bright.
Everyone sharpens their knives for this 2002 film that will leave you bloody and disturbed.

Oh yeah, also on this episode: The Mummy is forced to correct Tomahawk’s tidbit of
misinformation regarding the co-star of POSSESSION and we run an ad from our new
sponsor, The Cannibal corporation!

So enjoy Mr. Poppers Penguin’s folks.

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