Cutting Room Episode 20 Italian Horror
The Stendhal Syndrome
The Innkeepers
The Cutting Room Episode 20: ITALIAN HORROR!

The Cutting Room is alive and well and living in Italy! We have Argento. We have Fulci.
Grab a plate of ziti and pour a glass of the red, red, vino and lend The Cutting Room
your ears because this-ah gonna be-ah good one-ah.

Our special guest this time around is the smack talkin’, high flyin’, elbow smashin’ UWA
Elite superstar and horror fanatic “First Class” Brian Brass. Brian gives us the blood,
sweat and tears that go into being a pro wrestler and also tells us about his 200 horror
film movie challenge. This dude is awesome and any horror fan should love this guy!

Joe Mummy picks a winner with his new DVD release review of THE INNKEEPERS. The
gang discuss their enthusiasm for Ti West’s beautiful ode to the paranormal.

The big plates of pasta then come out as we discuss 2 of Italy’s monsters of cinema!
TomaHawk leads the charge with his surprising review of Lucio Fulci’s THE HOUSE BY
THE CEMETARY before Max gets into Dario Aregento’s THE STENDHAL SYNDROME!

TomaHawk, Joe Mummy, MaxSacre and Jenna Payne are all ready to bleed Rome and
talk wrestling. Hey, wrestling and horror. Who says they don’t play nice together?


Mummy's review for THE INNKEEPERS can be read here.

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First Class Brian Brass
UWA Elite


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