Ladies and Gentlemen! The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

In this corner, weighing in at approximately fifteen pounds too many, the hottest mess in
the underpants of the human psyche…. The California Chainsaw Maxsacre!

And in this corner, the host with the dorkiest voice in all of podcasting, the man more
sensitive than a rotten cavity in the mouth of a sugar fiend, your English Matriarch, Mr.
Joe Mummy!

Leeet’s get ready to ruuuuumble!

But, hey! First, give some love to our Kickstarter project, folks!

And then listen in as Max and Mummy work out their differences live on the air for the
first time in over two months. During the healing process, your fearless leader Mr. Tom A.
Hawk steers the discussion through some dangerous and personal terrain, including
poop obsession, dark fetishes and Tomahawk’s family’s obsession with the inimitable
Max Koch.

Whew. At length The Cutting Room settles into more familiar territory and the boys
welcome Mummy’s children to the program. Mini-Mummy and his kid sister Li’l Miss
Mummy drop by to talk film with the gang.

We start off with Max’s Acre’s infectious introduction to GREMLINS before welcoming to
the show the newest host on the Horror Palace, Monster Librarian, Wendy Zazo Phillips.

Wendy, known hereafter as ‘Frankie’s Bride,’ talks about her new Horror Palace program
Parental Advisory before helping us review GHOSTBUSTERS, introduced with a lyricism
only Tomahawk and Ray Parker Jr. could pull off.

The show reaches its calamitous close with Mummy giving you his new DVD release
review of SUPER 8. Mummy summons the spirit of Billy Grim for a little help! (Now, does
this count as all TCR regulars being present in The Cutting Room simultaneously?
Maybe not, but it’s damn amusing.)

Enjoy the chaos, disorder and the new rating system we invent during the closing of the
show, gang!


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