It’s back to basics, folks! We bring you a lesson from the old school as the three
founders of The Cutting Room, Tom, Billy and Joe, take you for an incredible journey
across the Atlantic and review Werner Herzog films and a Spanish Horror film for our
new DVD release review!

We start Episode 15 on a very serious note as we reflect on the unfortunate movie
theater shootings that occurred in Colorado. This is a discussion that needed to happen
and we wanted to give the victims and their loved ones the proper respect.

After some very real thunder and lighting coming to you from Joe’s neck of the woods,
we move right into the intros.  Billy likens Max to his mother and Joe conveys his worry
and fear about the possible repercussions of his ongoing feud with said Maxsacre. Will
this ever be resolved? Can’t we all just get along?

We welcome our special guest, actor Elliot Kotek. He grabs a sharp knife and begins to
cut through the process behind his incredible acting and his recent work on Mummy’s
film TIME TRAVELERS! He also accepts a role in the forthcoming EXPERIMENTS IN
KILLING film… live!

TomaHawk then guides us right into his new DVD release review of the 2010 Spanish
horror film KIDNAPPED! He eviscerates at length about Netflix’s taint with disturbing zeal.
But is this a good home invasion film? Mummy and Hawk will let you know.

Our classic review theme is Werner Herzog’s horror pictures. First, Joe Mummy
sharpens his skills and delivers a very passionate and personal introduction to
NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYRE then The Evil Reverend sets you up with his case for MY
SON, MY SON, WHAT HAVE YE DONE as a frightening and disturbing horror film.

Get to it, maniacs and have a great time in The Cutting Room!!


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