TomaHawk and MaxSacre return from their vacations and Billy and Ash join
some good old horror entertainment!

We sharpen our blades on the host introductions before welcoming actress
and Shriekfest founder Denise Gossett the slash fest. Denise chats with us
about her fascinating acting career and gives us an inside look at one of the
premiere west coast horror film festivals.

The Hangman brandishes the Weekly Noose before Billy comes up with a very
original new DVD release review of CHRONICLE.

Our classic review theme is Re-Animation! And we kick it off with an amazing
interview with one of the minds behind the Re-Animator series. Legendary
horror director Brian Yuzna walks into our shop and does much more than take
a number! An interview for the true horror fanatic!

MaxSacre sets you up with his intro of RE-ANIMATOR and TomaHawk concludes
the proceedings with his introduction of the Yuzna follow-up BRIDE OF RE-

The show ends with a special announcement about the release date of our new
show Experiments In Podcasting! Tune in July 26th, gang!


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