Tomahawk and The Chainsaw Maxsacre are off this show so Joe Mummy, The
Evil Reverend Billy Grim, and The Hangman Ash Hamilton do their bestest to
hold down the fort.

We welcome special guest Aarti Mann, from the breakout hit television series
The Big Bang Theory, onto the show. She gives us an unprecedented behind-
the-scenes look at one of TV’s most highly rated sit-coms, as well as some great
insight about the craft of acting and the issues surrounding being type-cast in

It turns out that ALIEN is Aarti’s favorite film of all-time, so after Grim’s knock-
yer-sock-off introduction, she sticks around to give us her impassioned take on
Ridley Scott’s 2012 PROMETHEUS.

We then rewind in time to the series’ origin. Mummy slashes into 1979′s ALIEN,
spilling its acidic green blood all over the floor in order to find its xenomorphic

The Hangman takes control of the situation, first with his bi-weekly Horror
Noose segment, and then with an incisive introduction into James Cameron’s
1986 film sequel ALIENS.

Have fun with lucky 13, gang. And fear not, Maxsacre and Tomahawk are set for
their triumphant return in a couple weeks.


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