George A Romero and his first three DEAD films are the subjects so grab your shotguns,
gas up the helicopter and head to the local mall because the dead will walk!

The show begins with the usual nonsense as we say hello to Billy, Mummy and Max
before we get down and dirty with Dave Pace of Fangoria Magazine. We discuss gonzo
horror journalism, Kiss, anime, sleeping in horse stables and his awesome blog LONG
LIVE THE NEW FLESH! Dave also gives us an EXCLUSIVE concerning the future of
Fangoria Magazine! Don’t forget to email Chris Fangoria’s Editor and say yes to Gore
Zone. Show them the power of The Cutting Room and Horror Palace!

Next, the Hangman Ash Hamilton debuts THE HANGMAN’S NOOSE, a brand new horror
noose, er, news segment that delivers the most exciting and up to date horror noose out
there! Welcome to the team Hangman!

Billy Grim then gives us his surprising take on Kevin Smith’s action/horror film RED
STATE! I think you will all be blown away with this review!

But wait, there’s more!

Before we even get to the DEAD films, Dr. Kim Paffenroth of Iona University and author of
GOSPEL OF THE LIVING DEAD drops in to discuss Romero, death, theology and the
America’s fascination with zombies.

We move into our reviews of Romero’s first three zombie films as Mummy introduces
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Maxsacre gives us DAWN OF THE DEAD, and TomaHawk
concludes things with DAY OF THE DEAD and his infatuation with Captain Rhodes!

This is an epic journey of a podcast, folks. Enjoy it and remember… When there is no
more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth!


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