The Cutting Room has reached its first milestone with big episode number ten.
Thanks for coming along for the ride, folks!

Sadly, The Maxsacre isn’t around this week. He says he was vacationing with
his lovely wife on California’s central coast but we suspect he was on some
strange and terrible bender that involved spiritual tit for tats with Roger
Waters, the perusal of grotesque ass tattoos, and unseemly altercations at
breakfast buffet bars with one-legged cranks. Still, we missed ya, Max!

Any event, after the how-ya-doin’s we welcome our very special guest, the
owner of, Mr. Ash Hamilton. Ash talks to us about his horrific
website and his passion for the macabre and cinema.

Next, we welcome the infamous director of THE ORPHAN KILLER, Mr. Matt
Farnsworth and his lovely lead actress Diane Foster. We’re truly privileged to
have them on the show to discuss their incredibly bloody and disturbing film
and give us some rare insight into their careers in the film world.

Ash sticks around for the entire episode to help us review this week’s films
starting with Tomahawk’s slice and dice mutilation of the new DVD release,
TEXAS KILLING FIELDS, which, in Tom’s words, may be THE MOST SCARIEST film
ever made. You be the judge! Wink wink.

Rob Zombie is our classic review theme and The Reverend starts the sermon
off with his intro to HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES. Grim summons the fires of RZ
hell and flirts with blasphemy before blessing the Cutting Room with his unholy

Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! Joe leaves his sarcophagus to deliver his
introduction of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS and once again he does not disappoint!
Long live The Mummy!

Rob Zombie, The Orphan Killer Gang, Ash Hamilton & The Cutting Room! Happy
10th episode, gang!


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