Episode 001 has finally arrived so sit back, listen, and enjoy two and a half hours of pure
film geek heaven. We kick things off with a quick introduction of all three CUTTING
ROOM players before Joe Mummy begins to cut the throat of the new DVD release
TERROR TRAP starring Michael Madsen & Jeff Fahey. An excellent review by a genuine
and thoughtful cinematic mind.

The Evil Reverend Billy Grim then guts us through his introduction of Sam Raimi’s THE
EVIL DEAD as we discuss his first film and slice and dice through all of his interesting
movies including SPIDER MAN & A SIMPLE PLAN.

The last part of our monstrous program is kicked off by Tomahawk as he takes a stab at
introducing Peter Jackson’s initial labor of love BAD TASTE. We deliver a full review of
that film and talk everything about the New Zealander including the LORD OF THE
RINGS trilogy.

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