The Cutting Room is a bi-weekly horror movie review podcast. We strive to discuss horror movies,
and cinema in general, in ways that are insightful, entertaining and deeply personal. Sometimes that
means deep analysis, sometimes, lots of monkey business. Sometimes it means personal revelations
or shedding a tear or two. Cinema is our mythology. We use it to understand ourselves better.
Horror helps us understand our greatest fears and our darkest fantasies

We also have a guest on more often than not. Sometimes they're deeply embedded in the
horror community, sometimes loosely affiliated. Sometimes they're just fans. We've had on
writers, musicians, doctors, filmmakers, actors, comedians, tattoo artists, roust-a-bouts,
vagabonds, and our children.

Oh yeah, there's also lots of shenanigans on this show. Lots of shenanigans.

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Tomahawk Dettloff
TomaHawk is one of the oddest film minds working in broadcasting today. His uncanny ability
to recall some of the most meaningless actors and directors in the film world borders on idiot

He has also co-written and directed the independent short JIMBO NEEDS A DRINK and he is
also the former lead singer of the rock/blues/punk/alternative bands Moonshine Bunnyranch
and The Longbodies.

He believes that the cast of The Cutting Room is conspiring against him to drive him insane.
Joseph Christiana
aka Joe Mummy
Joseph Christiana is an award-winning indie filmmaker, a published writer, and an incidental
pile of bones held together by a flimsy persona and bag of withering skin. Find out what he's
up to (when not podcasting) by clicking  

Below is his short horror iflm THE NIGHTMARE. It's responsible for this podcast in many ways
Max Koch
aka Maxsacre
Max Koch (pronounced "Cook") aka The California Chainsaw Maxsacre is an
actor/writer/cartoonist who has performed professionally since he was 12.  Currently, he is a
series regular on Nickelodeon’s Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, voicing Master
Mantis and countless other characters on the show.  Koch also acts in front of the camera.  In
2007, he was featured prominently in a massive print, television, radio, and billboard campaign
as Hoyt Monroe, a zany spokesman for Pala Casino Spa & Resort.  He also has a massive
following on
YouTube.  With his own production company, Bowler Hat Productions, Koch’s
projects have included
Gramps: Beneath the Surface, a "comic docu-portrait" (a documentary
containing illustrations that help tell the story), as well as the original horror short
End Times
Angel.  He is also the host of "Max & The Counselor's Mimosa", a popular podcast he records
on occasion.  Max enjoys wine, women, and pugs.  His ultimate career goal would be to star/co-
star/cameo in at LEAST 50 horror films, no matter how shitty.

Here is one of his 'channeling' videos.  Spend some time with Max on
Jenna "The Queen of" Payne

Award-winning filmmaker Jenna Payne is building up momentum for an indie film coup with a line
of projects as diverse as they are similar. Jenna directed her first short film Feline Frenzy in
February 2010. This dark comedy/grindhouse thriller toured film festivals and won a Skullie
Award at the 2010 Royal Flush Festival.

Working on set in roles as diverse as Producer, Wardrobe Stylist, and Casting Director, Jenna
has honed her craft swiftly and eagerly. She is developing a slasher set against the backdrop of
the collapse of the American auto industry and is the producer of the soon-to-be-released mini
feature The Art of Dreaming. This lush and visual film depicts a young woman’s battle against
her subconscious.

Her latest endeavor as writer/director is the Ed Wood-style exploitation webseries called
Zompire Vixens from Pluto! In ZVP!, foxy zombie/vampire hybrids attack Brooklyn in retaliation
for the declassification of Pluto, which renders the Zompires ineligible for intergalactic aid. Jenna
also just returned from two months spent in legendary Hollywood, USA, where she shot a new
short called Bot-E’s Revenge and worked as a freelance producer. More projects are
materializing down the pipeline in both New York and LA, and she can’t wait to see what’s next…

Check out her latest film project
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