Introduction/review for the Cutting Room, Episode 14
By Thomas Dettloff

I once heard that any dog that can do cheap parlour tricks can wear a vest and call it a day.
This was my immediate thought after watching Brian Yuzna's follow up to Re-animator. What
may look impressive may not be that impressive after all. We all have been blinded by
spectacular sights and impressive magic before so why would we not continue to be sightless
when it comes to a magician's foolery? This my friends should be your wake up call!

Director Stuart Gordon and Producer Brian Yuzna impressed the hell outta me with their 1985
horror hit Re-Animator so much I almost dreaded watching the sequel because I know how these
things work. Stay away was my motto for many years when it came to screening Bride of
Re-Animator. Stay away! Well, it was my idea to review these films and now I'm finally gonna
have a chance to respond to all of you who have said to me that I was missing out on one hell of
a movie! Tom, you gotta see BRIDE. That's right these maniacs who love this film and the series
refer to this as BRIDE like fanatics call Godfather 2 two or a Doors fan would call Riders on the
Storm Riders! Get real people! It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than the severed head of Dr.
Hill flying around with batwings to impress me! Unless of course it was Joe Mummys head flying
around with bat wings... " Hey Dr. West, I have some unfinisehed business with you..."

We meet back up again with Dr. Herbert West and his mindless follower Dr. Danial Cain as they
are serving as volunteer medics slap dab in the middle of a Peruvian civil war. They appear to
be side by side and back at their re-animating hyjinx but this time their business is to create new
life as opposed to re-animating it.

This leads them back to Arkham, Mass. and the Miskatonic Hospitol they worked at in the first
one where we now have zero security to steal dead body parts instead of the one man army that
guarded the hospitol morgue in Re-animator.

This leaves Dr. West like a meth head in Iowa as he begins to take random dead legs, hands,
eyeballs and feet... That's right feet as we learn that West has a bizzare foot fetish. Tarantino,
you need to cast Combs now!

Everything is working for West and Cain until the local lieutenent begins to investigate their odd
practices and the famous Dr. Hill resurfaces to get revenge on the two Frankensteinesque

Jeffrey Combs reprises his role as Dr. West and like always Combs is immediately engaging. His
presence drew me in and actually began to pump my expectation for this film.His dark and
campy portrayel of this charecter actually comes off charming at times.

Bruce Abbott also returns as Dr. Dan Cain and although he doesn't have the chops of Combs
his sudden resemblence to a young Bill Pullman got me a little excited. He is in full ladies man
form that he has the pleasure of banging the Italian chick from Summer School while Combs is
stuck re-animating a leg and arm into one living organism.

What this film does miss is the cinematic polish of Stuart Gordon. Gordon knew that having good
actors and allowing them to prerform is what makes a film work. Yuzna has this quality in this
movie for about 20 minutes until it slowly begins to dissolve into him telling the dog to roll over
and then waiting for an applause.

I've seen most of these tricks before, pal and I'm not impressed with your take on them. It's a
shame because Yuzna does seem to understand the black humor that's involved here but these
lousy effects and unnecessary over use of blood at times just pulls me away.

I wasn't expecting much here so I don't feel that unsatisfied but man this could have worked. If
only we can get that dog to take off his vest and truely be himself we might of had something
here. Who knows?
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