Introduction/review for the Cutting Room, Episode 15
By Thomas Dettloff

Tainted! Tainted! Tainted! Netflix has managed to once again ruin our viewing experience.
This time though it may be unforgiveable.

Kidnapped is a 2010 Spanish release that Netflix decided to put on their insatnt streaming.
Sounds good so far. I have been trying to figure out ways to get more foreign films involved on
this show so when Max had to drop out of tonights show the new DVD release review fell into
my lap. Let's do something from Europe, I thought. We can get away from the predictable
American bullshit and maybe we can find something sweet. Kidnapped caught my attention for
many reasons. I love home invasion movies. The spanish language is so wonderful to listen to,
as well. Let's stop right there. Language. Language is the basis for all films. Movies start with a
screenplay usually written in the language of choice by the writer and then excersised and
spoken by the actors through guidance of a director. Netflix obviously has a problem with this
process as they chose to put up a version of this film that bypasses the Spanish dialogue that
was intended to be heard and they substitute it with English. This makes it almost impossible
for any of us to get a true sense for this movie and that is a shame because I felt extreme
senses of horror, dread and uncomfortability when I screened this film. I will get back to the
netflix taint soon enough but first let me tell you what this movie is all about.

A wealthy family of 3, Father, Mother and Daughter move into their new lavish home and
before the have a chance to pop open the champagne and eat their fancy cheese 3 easten
european men break in and take the family hostage. It seems that these men are there for
money so the leader takes Dad out for a car ride to empty his credit accounts via a bank
machine while the other two, one being a coked up rapist and the other being a bit more
sensitive stay back at the house and watch the girls.

The film doesn't offer any message or meaning like other well made home invasion films like
Michael Haneke's Funny Games or the 2004 film The Edukators by Hans Weingartner (both of
those films are Austrian by the way.) but it has a tendency to remain creepy and horrific like
Wes Craven's Last House On The Left.
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